12HIGH worked with the World’s Biggest Garage Sale to design to develop their eCommerce launch strategy and MVP Shopify site.


The following testimonial is from Yasmine Grigaliunas, CEO and Co-Founder of the World’s Biggest Garage Sale.


“In the startup world, we often hear the term ‘unicorn’, which references the statistical rarity of tech startup ventures achieving a $1B valuation. Of course, we all know that unicorns don’t just magically happen, they’re created by people. So what is it that we call the people who ignite such lofty and exalted heights? The jury is out on the term we use, but for me, what I can tell you is that Nathan Bush from 12HIGH represents someone in this calibre.

It comes as no surprise to read that Nathan was ranked sixth (6th) in Australia’s Top 50 People in eCommerce in 2018. With such an impressive result, it would be easy to assume that Nathan was riding the wave of success on the back of impressive results in his role his previous role with SRG, but don’t let that fool you. Nathan doesn’t ride waves, he’s the maker and creator of the positive energy and force behind such a ride.

Nathan specialises in digital strategy and transformation, in a deep and meaningful way that activates a journey quite like no other. I’ve rarely come across someone with an equal measure of the IQ and EQ required to logically and intelligently optimise human connection in a world of deep technology.

To say my experience with Nathan was exceptional is an understatement. What I can say is that I’m immensely grateful to see Nathan is now providing consultancy services as his speciality. When working with Nathan, nothing is compromised and you leave feeling a sense of belonging, connection and care. If only we could clone him!”


Yasmine Grigaliunas, CEO and Co-Founder at the World’s Biggest Garage Sale


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