What We’re About

The first successful flight for humans lasted 12 seconds. This first flight wasn’t a jumbo jet which crossed the Atlantic. And there were lots of failures before that 12 seconds. But it was only these 12 seconds which were needed. These were the 12 seconds which changed everything about how we live, work and play today.

12HIGH exists to help find and create the 12 second moments which will drive business transformation through continual action, proven insights and a culture of innovation.

“If you’re not OK with flying the plane as you’re building it, then you’re in trouble.”

Kara Goldin, Founder and CEO of Hint Inc

We know the pressure to stay relevant for your customers is accelerating, the competitive landscape is constantly changing and technology continues to advance. At the same time, many organisations are stuck with strategies which are dormant, projects which are slow and innovation which is inconsistent.

We believe that strategy should be active, not passive. Once a strategy is agreed, we focus our efforts on immediate validation rather than cumbersome business cases. 

12HIGH specialises in developing strategy across digital, technology, eCommerce, retail and marketing challenges. We will always deliver strategies with the end goal being action rather than a theoretical exercise. We work with you to understand your customers, analyse your current environment, find the gaps, identify the opportunities and create clear goals to take you forward in the right direction.

Our strategies are brought to life through a test and learn approach. Rather than make a few big bets, we spin up multiple experiments to validate our assumptions with our customers. The ones which are proven scale to the next level and the ones which are not proven either pivot in a new direction or are openly ceased and learnt from.

We test and learn through our 12HIGH OODA Loop methodology. This allows us to focus on the right opportunities, create prototypes and test with customers at pace. The end result is smarter investment, rapid progress and a culture of continual innovation.

The 12HIGH model has been modified for organisations by Nathan Bush who was previously Group Digital Manager at Super Retail Group (rebel Sport, Supercheap Auto and BCF). One of Nathan’s achievements in his six years at SRG included the establishment of the test and learn capability. This capability used Design Thinking, Lean Start-Up and Agile methodologies to deliver rapid prototypes, real customer feedback and strategic insights which helped shape the organisations activities and way of working.

“The focus on learning quickly is the strategy of the company.”

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder