In this five minute discussion with Which-50, Nathan discusses how Facebook Shop can change the eCommerce game for Australian retailers.

Key points:

  • With the ability to establish a Facebook store with an Excel file upload, the bar has again been lowered (sorry Shopify) in how easy it is to set up an eCommerce presence.
  • Facebook Shop has the potential to drive sales especially for Direct To Consumer, Fashion and Beauty brands where branding does not translate to marketplaces
  • The fight will be over eyeballs. Facebook receives over 17m users every month. eBay receives 8m (not to be laughed at). Facebook – plus Instagram – could suffocate marketplaces.
  • Transaction expectations will change forever. If Facebook can facilitate one-click checkout with the direct transaction through advertising, the traditional 15 fields, 3-page checkout will become a chore.
  • Direct transactions will only be available in the US initially. Expect an AU rollout within months.

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