Why 12HIGH is committing all commission earnings to planting more trees. 

Our dilemma

One of our guiding principles at 12HIGH is that we are totally independent. The right solution at the right time for the right business. There’s no single hammer for every nail.

While we are proudly independent, strong partnerships are crucial to delivering results. We have fantastic partnerships with agencies, technology and retail solutions.

What we have always struggled with is that with formal partnerships, comes a commission structure – often whether you like it or not! This hasn’t always sat comfortably with us. We want our business to deliver our clients value from the advice and services we offer rather than behind the scenes deals.

So, given commissions are part and parcel of a world where great relationships are formed and results delivered, we have decided to commit 100% of any commissions we receive to the environmental charity, One Tree Planted.

Why One Tree Planted?

While there are so many worthy causes out there, we believe that the environment will have the biggest impact on the health and survival of our children, our colleagues, our families, our customers. No one is left unaffected.

One Tree Planted‘s philosophy is pretty simple. Trees are the cornerstone of environmental sustainability and play a critical role over the state of air, water, biodiversity, societies, health and climate. Planting more will have a multiplier knock-on effect. Since 2015, One Tree Planted has planted over 15m trees all over the world to aid in reforestation. Here in Australia, they are focusing on regenerating areas devastated by bushfire.

One Tree Planted - Why Trees

Our commitment at 12HIGH is to donate every dollar of commission to One Tree Planted. One USD will buy one tree planted here in Australia.

We’ve started today with our first donation of 51 trees. That’s our starting point. We want to see this impact grow with the help of our clients and our partners.

How can you help?

If you are a client, we can analyse and recommend the best technology platforms and retail solutions for your business. You pay for our independent advice and any commissions will go straight to One Tree Planted.

If you are a retail technology or service partner, get in touch. We are always looking for innovating and effective solutions for our clients.

Let’s plant more trees!

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