The final Digital Social for the year saw a sold out event! Thanks to everyone in Brisbane’s digital scene who joined us. A good night – and a few too many Great Barrier Beers – was enjoyed by all. 

Our guests

We were very lucky to have two very special guests join us on the night… 

First up we had James Grugeon, founder of The Good Beer Co. James shared his experiences in establishing a beer brand for good. He shared his view on bootstrapping an organisation (see his beer bottling hands),  the flawed crowd funding model and how co-creation can accelerate a movement.

“We need really big, established companies to be involved in social enterprise in away that is real and authentic.” 

James Grugeon, Founder of The Good Beer Co.

Additionally, he spoke to how The Good Beer Co. are partnering with and challenging larger organisations through innovations such as their biodegradable six pack packaging. He summed up our feelings when he closed with “we all want to feel like we are doing something positive.” Well said. 

Next up, we had Matt Traynor, Brand Manager at Outland Denim. Matt gave us great insight into how sustainable manufacturing is at the heart of Outland Denim. Matt also shared how becoming a BCorp is incredibly difficult but worthwhile (do it while you are small!)

We can prove that what we are doing is making a difference. We can create a roadmap for the fashion industry.

Matt Traynor, Brand Manager of Outland Denim

Not content with sustainability as the core DNA in their business, Outland Denim are aiming to be a leader for the fashion industry. While it is difficult to measure the commercial impact of their sustainability story, moments such as the Duchess of Sussex choosing to wear their jeans, shows how their story resonates. They are creating an aspirational brand engaging their customers and to changing their peers. 

Our partners

As always, The Digital Social could not happen without our speakers and our partners. Please support them where you can. 

  • Troocoo. Andrew, Liana and the Troocoo team are integral to making The Digital Social happen. They support us by providing the venue, organising the logistics and supplying the food. If you have any recruitment needs (or are in the market yourself) please don’t hesitate to reach out to them.
  • Ride Free Media. Nick and Ryan generously record some footage from the event to make sure we capture the goodness. Not only do they create amazing custom video, they are launching a brand new technology called Wrappt which makes pro video accessible to everyone. The Digital Social videos are created using Wrappt.
  • 12HIGH. Yes, a self serving plug! But we are proud to be the organisers of this event and love pulling the digital community together. If you need to activate digital strategy, please reach out to Nathan.  

We are always looking for complimentary partners to help make The Digital Social bigger and better. If you would like to be involved please yell out! 

Thank you Chris!

And lastly but not leastly, we want to send a massive thank you to Chris Chambers. Chris was instrumental in getting The Digital Social up and running. He is passing the baton along so that he can focus on some of his other very noble pursuits – he just got to Everest Base Camp to raise money for MND! I’m sure we’ll see Chris at many more Digital Social’s but we want to thank him for being such a legend. 

See you next time

The next Digital Social will be in February or March next year. If you have attended any of our previous events, we will give you a heads up before it goes public so you can secure your tickets. Also, if you have any feedback for the next event let us know. Shoot us an email or send us a Facebook message

Have a great Christmas everyone and see you in the new year! 


The Digital Social crew

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