Water 3 Case Study

Water 3 digital audit case study

12HIGH partnered with Water 3 to perform a digital and eCommerce audit. This resulted in a clear strategy and a new approach to digital marketing technology selection.

Best Digital Podcasts in Australia

10 Bloody Good Australian Digital Podcasts

Looking for digital podcast inspiration? Here are ten amazing digital podcasts with an Australian flavour. These podcasts range from strategy to marketing to business to technology to entrepreneurship. Some aren’t pure digital podcasts but are driven by digital themes.

Digital Transformation

Practical tips to changing culture as part of your digital transformation

Earlier this week, I was featured in the Which-50 cover story, ‘Change Is Hard. Here’s How To Build A Culture That Delivers Your Digital Transformation‘. The article has some great tips on how to change culture as part… Read More

12HIGH Takes Off

If action without strategy is wasted effort, strategy without action is self-destruction. Given the pace at which our customers, technology and competitors are changing; a failure to act quickly is our quickest path to irrelevance. And I don’t know any organisation who is aiming for irrelevance.

5 critical elements to ensure a successful digital transformation strategy

A solid digital transformation strategy is the first step to ensuring you have the foundations to refocus your people, resources and efforts in the right direction. So what are the key elements you need to get right in… Read More