12HIGH were engaged by Stone & Wood Brewing Co to audit and develop a strategy for their eCommerce business.

Stone & Wood is Australia’s leading independent brewer based out of Byron Bay. If you haven’t tried their famous Pacific Ale, get onto it. 

“We were asking ourselves what does the future look like for our business. We’ve had an online presence for a few years now with our online store, but it was a fairly small presence. It certainly wasn’t fully optimised. This channel is evolving so quickly so we wanted to position ourselves for the future but also optimise what is going on today,” said Ben Summons, Managing Director of Stone & Wood Brewing Co. 

Ben Summons, Managing Director of Stone & Wood Brewing Co shares his experience with the 12HIGH eCommerce Audit & Strategy.

12HIGH worked with Stone & Wood’s founders, management team, marketing, sales, customer service and warehousing teams to deliver the eCommerce audit. This was a full business audit covering eCommerce benchmarking, customer profiling, internal capabilities, competitor mapping, trend identification, marketing analysis, user experience, engagement and conversion funnels.

“The main benefit of having an eCommerce audit is getting everyone on the same page. Understanding how it works today, understanding the potential issues and opportunities and understanding how to build a plan for your business moving forward.” Ben Summons. 

These findings were distilled into a succinct opportunity identification and proposed roadmap. After a team workshop, eCommerce goals and priorities were confirmed. The result was a clear strategic roadmap and a 90 day action plan for us to collectively activate. 

“When we brought 12HIGH onboard we knew we were buying eCommerce expertise. It created the value in the plans we have created. They are engaged, efficient and effective.” Ben Summons.

Since the audit and strategy, 12HIGH continue to work with Stone & Wood to activate large projects and capitalise on immediate wins. For 12HIGH, it is an ideal partnership; one of Australia’s most loved brands who have ambitious plans and are looking to move at pace.  And yes, if you are asking, the perks of a partner like Stone & Wood are pretty good too.

Cheers! 🍺