Last night, Shopify merchants, agencies and experts got together for the regular #shopifymeetup. It was a bit special last night as attendance broke the world record for the number of attendees. Over 300 ‘shopifites’ attended. This blew Melbourne’s previous high score out of the water. Go Brisbane! 
Shopify meetup world record
Highlights from last night included…
Craig Somerville from Reload Media (and our hosts for the night) powered through five digital marketing tips in five minutes . ‘Replicate the in-store experience for differentiation’ stood out for me. Everything old is new again! He emphasised the effort put into making the instore experience attentive and unique. Are you replicating this online?
Next up was Ashton Tuckerman from YouFoodz. Despite what appears to be heavy customisation, YouFoodz are a Shopify Plus customer. Ashton spoke about the importance of brand in selling. It is obvious that YouFoodz value the customer, story telling and agility. Ashton stole/borrowed the recommendation to be “good different”. A powerful principle when selling to customers. 
Shopify Meetup YouFoods story telling
Direct from Canada, we had Steve Haase who heads up solution engineering for Shopify Plus. Steve demonstrated Shopify’s augmented reality product display features which launched last month. This features takes a 3D model of product and adds it to the product page. Customers to view the product as if it is in their own environment using their phone. A push bike on a table was the example used. It is very innovative but we are still very much in the experimental phase. The functionality is still manual and time consuming to do it well. Very interesting though and one to keep an eye on. 


[wpvideo SMuFR7ny]

Lastly, Sebastian Swaczynski showed how the Facebook network can be used to target eCommerce customers at the right time. He demonstrated product integration and display across Facebook, Instagram and their Audience Network. He showed effective retargeting by tailoring creative to customers last interaction. He explained how Facebook look-alikes can target customers who haven’t visited your site. And how to use Facebook Messenger for targeted and meaningful interactions. The can be no doubt that the Facebook network is a big and complicated. If used to target customers based on their specific journey, rather than a spray and prey, it can be a powerful conversion beast


Shopify Meetup Facebook targeted ads
And that was a little over an hour packed with content! 
If you are a Shopify merchant, get on board for the next one in January 2019. Join the Brisbane Shopify Meetup group to get alerted when it gets to registration. If you want to discuss brand building, augmented reality or customer pathway marketing for your Shopify site, contact us and we’ll be happy to share more.
12HIGH is a Shopify partner and eCommerce consultancy agency based in Brisbane. Led by Nathan Bush who has managed eCommerce for ASX listed corporates and is in the Top 50 People in eCommerce for the last four years

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