With experience in brand strategy, digital marketing, traditional media and social media, 12HIGH are well placed to advise you on how to connect with your customers.  We understand the opportunities available to organisations to optimise their marketing investment through new technologies such as programmatic marketing, CRM and personalisation but also recognise the role and benefits of traditional channels. The magic happens in somewhere in between.

Customer Experience Mapping

Customer Mapping ImageIn order to be customer centric, it has never been more important to map your customers experience across their journey. However, as journeys are no longer linear, it has never been more difficult. We map your customer journey through analytics, social media and real world research to understand what your customers are doing, hearing and feeling at every touch point in their journey with you. We identify customer types and moments of truth to analyse this experience against your current strategy to identify gaps and opportunities.

We believe that every customer is unique but there are common insights and key opportunities which, if acted on quickly, can significantly increase customer loyalty. Our approach is to identify large, strategic shifts as well as quick, tactical wins across the business. We approach both strategic and tactical opportunities with the test and learn approach to ensure rapid progress, customer validation and justified investment.

Brand Strategy

Brand building imageWhether intentional or not, your customers have an emotional association with your brand. This influences who they tell about their experiences about you, how loud they shout, how often they purchase, their price sensitivity and their loyalty to you. Our approach at 12HIGH is to work directly with your customers to find out what that attachment is and then work with you to understand if this is where we want to be. Using tools such as customer personas and brand archetypes, we will perform an “as is, to be” analysis with a plan of activities to shift or enhance that brand perception.

We believe that brand does not equal marketing. Marketing is one element of brand perception. We analyse the entire customer experience journey including customer service, product, packaging, communications and external influences to identify opportunities across your organisation. As with all 12HIGH recommendations, we always ensure that these insights are progressive but actionable.

Channel Strategy

Channel strategy imageIt is likely that you have a mash of channels operating currently – both the reliable existing channels and promising but unproven emerging channels. We work with you to establish clear goals, determine roles of channels within an integrated strategy, deliver creative execution, measure success criteria and manage partners to ensure your spend is as efficient as possible while exploring new opportunities. Our channel expertise includes but is not limited to search, display and programmatic, video, social media, CRM and traditional media.

As channel opportunities continue to broaden and diversify, it will be harder to manage and measure effectiveness. We believe in establishing three levels of communication; always on pull communication based on customer journey, campaign generated push messaging and personalised one on one engagement. Within all three, there are opportunities to test and learn new channels and communication methods to increase engagement and efficiency without disrupting proven channels.

When to engage 12HIGH

  • Understanding your customer experience, gaps and opportunities
  • Within strategic and budgeting cycle to prioritise investment
  • Audit and analyse current media and marketing performance
  • Relaunching or establishing a brand
  • Generating new ideas to attract and engage new customers
  • Explore the competitive landscape for new, relevant opportunities
  • Temporarily fill marketing leadership positions

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