Our eCommerce experience comes from leading eCommerce strategy and operations for multi billion dollar retail organisations. We have developed eCommerce and omnichannel strategies, optimised the eCommerce customer experience, implemented new technology and developed high performing teams to grow eCommerce revenues exponentially. This has resulted in Nathan being ranked as one of Australia’s Top 50 People in eCommerce for four years running.

eCommerce and Omnichannel Strategy

omnichannel strategy imageWe approach eCommerce from a holistic customer experience point of view whether you  are a pure play, multichannel or omnichannel retailer. Our strategy incorporates market and competitor analysis, customer journey mapping, key business performance metrics, organisational capabilities and technology roadmaps. This can be focused as a stand alone strategy or as part of a larger digital transformation strategy.

We realise that retail and eCommerce is a competitive and low margin landscape. Therefore, our strategy focuses on identifying a few long term, significant activities and lots of smaller, agile opportunities which can be actioned immediately. With the pace of change and competitive pressures, we believe in dual pace activities to ensure relevancy and competitive edge.

Technology Selection and Implementation

ecommerce technology imageSelecting eCommerce technology can be a resource intensive and daunting task. Based on our previous experience of being in your position, 12HIGH provide guidance and analysis on selection of technology and implementation partners with consideration to business requirements, process analysis, team capabilities and alignment to long term strategy. Additionally, we provide guidance on the implementation of technology including project establishment, vendor management, internal capabilities, tender process and benefits realisation.

Our approach to technology is not based on size but on fit for purpose. We have direct, hands on experience implementing new eCommerce and CMS platforms such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, payment options such as Afterpay, search tools such as SLi, performance and monitoring tools such as Dynatrace, analytics tools including Google Analytics and customer review tools such as BazaarVoice. We have overhauled eCommerce technologies for large organisations and are well placed to share experiences and best fit approach.

eCommerce Optimisation

eCommerce optimisation imageRather than golden bullets, most eCommerce growth with come through the 1% changes you make regularly. HIGH12 can help activate these changes by benchmarking best practises, establishing clear goals, optimising analytics, establishing UX/UI capabilities, conversion rate optimisation processes and delivering data, content, marketing and customer experience optimisation.

We believe constant and rapid optimisation of your eCommerce experience based on direct feedback from your customers can efficiently deliver you significant revenue growth. HIGH12 are flexible with how this is established. We can help establish the right capabilities, processes and goals for your team to continually perform or outsource this optimisation for you.

When to engage 12HIGH

  • Transforming your organisational eCommerce or omnichannel experience
  • Within strategic and budgeting cycle to prioritise investment
  • Audit and analysis of your current eCommerce performance
  • Establishment of new technology projects
  • Enhancing the capability of your eCommerce team
  • Analysing customer journeys and identifying new opportunities  
  • Explore the wider eCommerce and retail landscape for new, relevant opportunities
  • Temporarily fill eCommerce leadership positions

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