eCommerce Leadership

Beyond eCommerce audits, strategy and execution, 12HIGH delivers digital leadership in a number of ways including:

Keynote Speaking

Nathan Bush is available for keynote speaking and panels in the following areas:

  • eCommerce trends and best practise
  • Digital transformation
  • Test & Learn approaches
  • Marketing optimisation and brand building

Nathan is a regular industry speaker and has spoken at events including Online Retailer, National Online Retailer Association roadshows, Interactive Minds, Networx and Salesforce World Tour. We ensure all keynotes are always engaging, tailored to your audience, incorporate key messages and provide clear takeaways.

Research & Content

Rather than a fully integrated service offering, 12HIGH can provide:

  • Thought leadership articles
  • Trend white papers
  • White labelled blog content
  • Video content

12HIGH have previously published material across a range of industry publications and regularly publish thought leadership articles. We can work with you to create content relevant for your audience.

Workshop Facilitation

HIGH12 can facilitate one off sessions or conferences using a variety of tools and methodologies to achieve:

  • Strategic prioritisation
  • Opportunity and gap analysis
  • Idea generation
  • Idea activation

We ensure a clear, concise pathway to consolidate your teams insights into one actionable plan.

Business Connections

12HIGH has a broad network and can leverage this network to introduce your organisation to:

  • Relevant startups
  • Potential new recruits
  • Relevant technology and partner solutions

We will understand exactly what you are looking for, filter and short list potentials and ensure that your time is valued by only connecting with the most relevant opportunities.