eCommerce Audit

Understand your eCommerce strengths and weaknesses with 12HIGH’s eCommerce Audit.

12HIGH eCommerce Audit


12HIGH’s eCommerce Audit evaluates:
  • Acquisition including referring channels and search behaviour.
  • Performance including site speed and mobile optimisation.
  • Engagement content, social media integration and loyalty.
  • Navigation including menus, filters and recommendations.
  • Product including merchandising, taxonomy and product content.
  • Conversion including pricing, promotions and calls to action.
  • Payment including payment options and checkout flow.
  • Fulfilment including delivery options, delivery timeframes, refunds and returns.
  • Service including contact offering and customer ratings.
  • Data & security including privacy policies, security markers and analytics setup.


eCommerce Audit Outcomes
1. Benchmarking

The 12HIGH eCommerce audit will benchmark your business against the eCommerce industry and two of your primary competitors.

2. Identify Quick Wins

The detailed audit report will identify specific areas of your business which are below average and can be easily addressed by your internal team.

3. Isolate Focus Areas
  • 12HIGH will analyse the audit in its entirety and will provide insight to the three key areas which they recommend you focus on to grow your eCommerce revenue.