Digital Strategy

With experience leading digital strategy for over ten years within large organisations and agencies, 12HIGH will accelerate your digital progress. We approach digital as a core competency for an organisation (just like finance, people or customer service), it does not exist within its own silo. Therefore, we approach all digital engagements within the context of goals and activities of the larger organisation.


Digital Strategy and Transformation

Strategy post it notes12HIGH analyses and develops your digital strategy within the context of your organisation, competition, customers and market trends. As a step further, 12HIGH leads digital transformation through strategy, technology, capabilities, governance and culture development.

We believe digital strategy and transformation needs to be co-created with your organisation in order to make a lasting impact. Rather than create large slide decks, we aim to activate your strategy with a mixture of large, ambitious projects and more agile, test and learn experiments. Strategy needs to be active, not passive.


Digital Customer Experience

Customer Experience imageWe bring an outside perspective to how your customers experience your brand and offering through digital channels. We develop a customer experience map using a mixture of data analysis, social media monitoring, competitor tracking and direct customer feedback. This results in identifying your biggest opportunities and gaps from a customer perspective.

Rather than a once off activity, we aim to agree key customer metrics and establish automatic, regular data inputs to help your team continually respond to your customer needs. By being in step with your customers we will empower you to be able to make small improvements at the right time to keep you ahead of the competition.


Digital Technology and Implementation

Technology planning image12HIGH is experienced in developing digital technology roadmaps and leading the implementation of both large and small scale digital solutions. Solutions include web, eCommerce, mobile, email, social and collaboration technologies. Our capabilities incorporate business case development, requirements gathering, solution shortlisting, RFIP process, project establishment and benefits realisation.

We are product agnostic and believe in fit for purpose solutions. In most cases, it is the team using the technology rather than the technology itself which drive value. We ensure that the technology roadmaps and solutions are unique for your organisation, budget, capabilities and goals.


When to engage 12HIGH
  • Ready to transform your organisational digital presence and capabilities
  • When prioritising digital and technology investment
  • Exploring new digital technology solutions
  • Establishing new digital projects
  • Shifting organisational culture through digital enablement
  • Audit and analysis of current digital presence and capabilities
  • Establishment of ongoing customer metrics and data
  • Temporarily filling Digital leadership positions

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