In order to bring strategy to life quickly, we have partnered with trusted and proven software and services partners.

Why do 12HIGH partner?
  • We have access to an established network of trusted digital and ecommerce experts built up over 15 years. You’ll get access to trusted people at the best rates.
  • 12HIGH specialises in strategy. Our partners are experts in other fields such as marketing, development and human resources. You’ll get access to specialised experts to help execute strategy.
  • Our partner network allows us to move at pace and with uncapped capacity. The path from strategy to validation will be drastically reduced.
  • With a well rounded network, we remain solution agnostic and independent. We won’t force you down specific paths to meet our executional capabilities.
  • By starting connected to a partner network we are continually educated and challenged to come up with the best solutions. We will continue to get better.
Our partner principles are:
  • We will always be transparent with financial and referral benefits from our partner network.
  • We remain independent with service and software solutions. Our network is preferred but not only if it is right.
  • We accept responsibility for our partners project work and results. They are an extension of 12HIGH.
  • We remain open minded when working with partners to ensure expertise is absorbed and the best solutions are explored.
What makes a good 12HIGH partner:
  • A clear record of delivering client value and a leader in their specialisation.
  • An ability to deliver in incrementally and in an agile manner.
  • Specialists in their skill sets rather than generalists.
  • We prefer cloud based subscription software with existing integration partnerships.
  • Ability to empower our clients. They should not lock clients into long term ecosystems or dependencies.
  • We prefer independent and smaller service partners who have leadership skin in the game with mutual referrals.
Our current partners include:
  • Advertising agencies
  • Consulting partners
  • Development agencies
  • eCommerce service providers
  • Marketing and search agencies
  • Recruitment and HR partners
  • Software solutions