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CHECKOUT Michael Tutek from Preezie | #082

CHECKOUT Michael Tutek from Preezie

Partnerships with Impact: How Booktopia grew their affiliate channel by 200% | #081

Peter and Steffen share how Impact can streamline partnerships

In Her Shoes: The Ida Sports Story | #080

Laura & Ben talk shoes, footy and breaking down barriers.

CHECKOUT Mike Halligan from Scratch | #079

CHECKOUT Simon Griffiths from Who Gives A Crap

How to Win at PR with Gaby Howard from Flaunter | #078

Gaby chats storytelling, assets and pink jumpers!

CHECKOUT Anthony Nappa from Oz Hair & Beauty | #077

CHECKOUT Simon Griffiths from Who Gives A Crap

Chase the Vibe: The LSKD Story | #076

Jason shares re-branding, community and 4am starts

CHECKOUT Simon Griffiths from Who Gives A Crap | #075

CHECKOUT Simon Griffiths from Who Gives A Crap

Clothing Connections: The Thread Together Story | #074

Anthony talks about the power of clothing

CHECKOUT Stu French from Ethicool Books | #073

CHECKOUT Stu French from Ethicool

From Replicas to a Unique Experience: The Life Interiors Story | #072

Basil shares the Life Interiors journey

CHECKOUT Matt Barnett from Bonjoro | #071

CHECKOUT Matt Barnett from Bonjoro

How to Not Win Ad Awards with Michael Beveridge | #070

Michael talks nostalgia, sonic trigger and Easter eggs

CHECKOUT Jeremy Meltzer from i=Change | #069

CHECKOUT Jeremy Meltzer from i=Change

The Art of a Good Drop: The Digital Wine Ventures Story | #068

Dean talks wine, tech and logistics.

CHECKOUT James Bartle from Outland Denim | #067

CHECKOUT James Bartle from Outland Denim

Rug Love: The Miss Amara Story | #066

Aaron & Alex share their happy ever after rug story.

CHECKOUT Mike Angell from Vop | #065

CHECKOUT Oliver & Ruby Hagen from Hagen’s Organics.

Direct to Drinker: The Stone & Wood Story | #064

Steve chats all things beer.

CHECKOUT Oliver & Ruby Hagen from Hagen’s Organics | #063

CHECKOUT Oliver & Ruby Hagen from Hagen’s Organics.

Sharing the Shopping Cart: The YouPay Story | #062

Matt shares the journey that began with a killer idea…oh and his fascinating gaming-nerd background

CHECKOUT Kate Collinson from Kate Collinson Digital Consulting | #061

CHECKOUT Kate Collinson from Kate Collison Digital Consulting.

Wipeout Survivors: The SurfStitch Story | #060

Justin shares the details of his wild ride at SurfStitch

CHECKOUT Jess & Stef Dadon from TWOOBS | #059

CHECKOUT Jess & Stef Dadon from TWOOBS

The Psychology of Conversion: The Preezie Story | #058

Michael talks guided conversion and the psychology of selling online.

CHECKOUT Hannah Spilva & Verity Tuck from LVLY | #057

CHECKOUT Hannah Spilva and Verity Tuck from LVLY

Disrupting a Dog’s Dinner: The Scratch Story | #056

Mike discusses his subscription only model, which is disrupting the dog food industry.

CHECKOUT Kellie Hush, Fashion Entrepreneur | #055

CHECKOUT Kellie Hush, Fashion Entrepreneur

Fart Books Make Millionaires: The Ethicool Story | #054

Stu shares insights into writing and selling kids books with a conscience

CHECKOUT Rhys Furner from Shopify | #053

CHECKOUT Rhys Furner from Shopify

Toilet Talk: The Who Gives A Crap Story | #052

Simon shares how he and his team made it through the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 and more!

CHECKOUT Danielle Lewis from Scrunch | #051

CHECKOUT Danielle Lewis from Scrunch

Pay Now, Play Later: The Oz Hair & Beauty Story | #050

Anthony reveals his eCommerce growth secrets and why he loves working with family

CHECKOUT Tom & Natalie Hintze from Mr Pool Man | #049

CHECKOUT Tom and Natalie Hintze from Mr Pool Man

Facing up to Customers: How to do video personalisation | #048

Matt, aka Papa Bear, talks video personalisation and team culture

CHECKOUT Chris Meade from CROSSNET | #047


Followers, Footwear & Fashion Week: The TWOOBS Story | #046

Jess & Stef share their journey from fashion bloggers to businesswomen

CHECKOUT Alison Covington from Good360 Australia | #045

CHECKOUT Alison Covington from Good360

Giving is the New Selling: The i=Change Story | #044

Jeremy shares the power of giving for retailers

CHECKOUT Ata Gokyildirim from Forter | #043

CHECKOUT Ata Gokyildirim from Forter

CHECKOUT Carolyn Breeze from GoCardless | #042

CHECKOUT Sharon Anderson from The Lott

CHECKOUT Sharon Anderson from The Lott | #41

CHECKOUT Sharon Anderson from The Lott

CHECKOUT Ed Ross from TradeMutt | #040

CHECKOUT Ed Ross from TradeMutt

Arming the Rebels: Inside the world of Shopify Plus with Rhys Furner | #039

Rhys gives us a taste of Shopify culture

CHECKOUT Domm Holland from Fast | #038

CHECKOUT Domm Holland from Fast

Billion Dollar Dream Seller: The Tatts digital lotteries machine | #037

Sharon talks tickets, tech stacks and big win dreams

CHECKOUT Pip Brett from JUMBLED | #036


Hi-Vis on Mental Health: The TradeMutt Story | #035

Workwear and mental health…This is a Conversation Starter

CHECKOUT Carl Hartmann from Lyre’s | #034

CHECKOUT Carl Hartmann from Lyre’s

eCommerce Payment Trends in 2020: What’s changed and what’s coming | #033

Chris updates us on fin-techs, payments and digital banking.

CHECKOUT Gabby Leibovich from Catch | #032

CHECKOUT Gabby Leibovich from Catch

Solving the Internet’s Checkout Problem: The Fast Story | #031

Domm shares how a forgetful grandma inspired him to build a unique checkout solution…fast!

Colour & Confidence: The JUMBLED Story | #030

Pip shares her regional fashion retail journey and reminds us that more is more, less is a bore!

eCommerce Entrepreneur School: From Temando to Lyre’s Spirit Co. with Carl Hartmann | #029

Serial entrepreneur Carl Hartmann, talks Temando, kite surfing and cocktails!

Building Australian eCommerce Giants: Secrets & Strategies from Catch Founder, Gabby Leibovich | #028

Gabby shares how he built one of Australia’s biggest eCommerce successes

COVID-19: Six months On. Where is Australian eCommerce now? | #027

Six months since we last chatted, our favourite industry experts discuss the new rules of the game in a COVID-impacted Australia.

Jeans for Freedom: The Outland Denim Story | #026

Founding CEO James Bartle talks sustainable fashion, equity crowdfunding and Meghan Markle.

Paddock to Pixel: The Hagen’s Organics Story | #025

Oliver and Ruby share the importance of transparency in running their organic butcher’s shop.

You LVLY F*cker: Appealing to the Millennial Customer | #024

Hannah and Verity share the story behind the success of their LVLY gift-giving business.

Domino’s Digital Growth Secrets | #023

Pizza giant, Domino’s and the journey from online pioneer to 2.4bn annual digital sales.

Bootstrapped and Brave: The Merry People Story | #022

Danielle Holloway, Founder of Merry People, on standing by her vision and product.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing | #021

Learn how to choose and manage the right influencer for your brand

The Mistakes That Made Us: How Mr. Pool Man Transformed the Pool Industry | #020

Turning a family pool store into an eCommerce powerhouse

The Insider’s Guide to TikTok: How short-form video boosts eCommerce conversion | #019

Learn how short-form video boosts eCommerce conversion

Passion & Polish: The Kester Black Story | #018

Learn how the world’s first beauty B Corp continues to grow.

Beyond Click & Collect: Driving Digital Traffic In Store | #017

Discussing Reserve Online Pick Up In Store – the technology, metrics and opportunities.

Failed at omnichannel? Don’t assume e-commerce will save you.

We’ve seen lots of omnichannel retailers almost go out of business but instead go “online only”. What makes them think they will excel in eCommerce?

How Big W did Good with excess goods | #016

Big W and their solution to excess goods with matchmaker Good360

DIY eCommerce Platform Selection Toolkit

12HIGH’s DIY eCommerce Platform selection gives you the tools to make the right technology decision which will underpin your eCommerce growth.

The Retail HackGames | #015

The inside word on the inaugural Retail HackGames from its creator and the winning team.

Michael Hill eCommerce ERP and Payment Project Testimonial

12HIGH were engaged by Michael Hill to help transition their online payments onto the Adyen platform and transition their eCommerce, Customer Service and warehouse teams over to Microsoft D365.

How to turn a 4am idea into a million dollar business | #014

Chris discusses channel strategy, manufacturing & wholesale and the power of community.

The Future of Australian Fashion | #013

Former Editor of Harper’s Bazaar shares her vital fashion retail tips.

We tested COVID innovations. Here’s what we learnt.

We road tested the latest retail innovations to see if the hype lived up to the customer experience.

What does Facebook Shop means for Australian retailers?

In this five minute discussion with Which-50, Nathan discusses how Facebook Shop can change the eCommerce game for Australian retailers.

How subscriptions can turbo charge eCommerce | #012

Carolyn explains how to embrace subscription models, increase customer loyalty and generate more predictable revenue.

How to know what customers really want | #011

We explore effective customer research methods, impactful experiences and physical vs digital spaces.

How small business can use eCommerce to survive COVID

While in lockdown, Nathan caught up Kassi Cartia from Kartia Designs to discuss eCommerce 101 and how Australian small businesses can navigate COVID-19. 

Rapid COVID response: 6-figure eCommerce in 16 days | #010

How Brisbane Airport Corporation to build a six-figure eCommerce website in 16 days and for $400.

What retailers really want from tech partners

Here’s a few tips how tech partners can add real value to help retailers during COVID-19

eCommerce Fraud | #009

Ata Gokyildirim shares his unique approach to tackling the multi-billion dollar problem that is fraud in retail. 

eCommerce Masterclass: April 2020

In this 90-minute online masterclass, learn what drives people to convert and get practical steps to activate these on your website right now.

COVID-19: Australian eCommerce Impact | #008

Marketing experts, Kate Collinson and Craig Somerville join us to dissect the initial impacts of COVID-19.

Project Delivery

We lead and deliver eCommerce projects for maximum ROI.

eCommerce Coaching

We work with you and your team to analyse results and evolve strategy in real-time.

90 Day Growth Plan

We deliver a clear plan forward with prioritised actions, owners and timeframes.

eCommerce Experience Audit

We analyse your eCommerce experience to identify quick wins and strategic opportunities.

The Customer Experience Bucket List | #007

We are joined by CX expert Danny Phillips to help retain your most valuable customers.

Retail in the time of coronavirus

The sudden world shift has changed the mindset of customers. And we need to respond quickly.

How NOT to be a boring retailer

We list five points to check if you are at risk of becoming a boring retailer. Time to take control of your own destiny!

Secondhand Commerce | #006

Yasmin Grigaliunas, CEO & Co-Founder of the World’s Biggest Garage Sale talks secondhand commerce.

Online competition didn’t kill Jeanswest. Boring retail did.

Jeanswest wasn’t a victim of tough trading conditions or online competition. They were a victim of boring retail. Here’s why.

The forgotten metrics of retail

The lure of machine learning and artificial intelligence is tempting. But have we solved the basics?

eCommerce Accounting | #005

We are joined by Jason Andrew, chartered accountant and corporate advisor.

Last-minute Christmas gift ideas from innovative retailers

Internet connected rosary beads. Cornflakes flavoured beer. Tie dyed Crocs. Need more ideas for Christmas?

Email Automation | #004

Jason Anderson from Andzen shares his tips on where to start with email automation.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing? The future of retail partnerships

Successful retail is built on great partnerships. But they are not always as they first appear.

Headless Commerce | #003

Josh Newport from Shopify Plus joins us to discuss the pros and cons of headless commerce.

There’s no longer a retail status quo

What would happen if eCommerce was invented before bricks and mortar? Would we be having the same conversations?

Smart Discounting | #002

Dave Dennings discusses how to discount season without giving away all of your margin.

How to offer Black Friday discounts without killing your business

We explore some strategic ways to offer discounts to clients without giving away all the margin.

Metrics that Matter | #001

Josh Newport from Shopify Plus shares the best growth metrics for your eCommerce growth.

Stone & Wood eCommerce Strategy Case Study

We helped Stone & Wood with a clear strategic roadmap and action plan to grow their Direct To Drinker business.

Water 3 Digital Audit Case Study

Through a digital audit, Water3 uncovered a new approach to their digital marketing technology.

The Digital Social: November 2018

The final Digital Social for the year saw a sold out event! Thanks to everyone in Brisbane’s digital scene who joined us. A good night – and a few too many Great Barrier Beers – was enjoyed by all. 

5 ways eCommerce has changed this Christmas. Are you ready?

It’s less than three months until Christmas! As a retailer, you’re excited at the prospect of your most lucrative season or full of dread as you face the unknown. This year there have been five major eCommerce shifts you need to know about to ensure success.

Shopify Meetup highlights: Augmented reality, story telling & Facebook for eCommerce

Last night, Shopify merchants, agencies and experts got together fto break the record for a #shopifymeetup. Read the latest on augmented reality, story telling and targeted social ads for eCommerce.

10 Bloody Good Australian Digital Podcasts

Looking for digital podcast inspiration? Here are ten amazing digital podcasts with an Australian flavour. These podcasts range from strategy to marketing to business to technology to entrepreneurship. Some aren’t pure digital podcasts but are driven by digital themes.

The Digital Social: June 2018

The June 2018 Digital Social was held at The Mill in Fortitude Valley and featured Myles Lawlor, Head of Technology at YouFoodz who shared with us how YouFoodz approach predictive modelling, selling in customer centricity and scaling a high growth business. See what it’s all about here…

World’s Biggest Garage Sale eCommerce Strategy and Shopify MVP

12HIGH worked with the World’s Biggest Garage Sale to design to develop their eCommerce launch strategy and MVP Shopify site.

Practical tips to changing culture as part of your digital transformation

Earlier this week, I was featured in the Which-50 cover story, ‘Change Is Hard. Here’s How To Build A Culture That Delivers Your Digital Transformation‘.

12HIGH Takes Off

If action without strategy is wasted effort, strategy without action is self-destruction. Given the pace at which our customers, technology and competitors are changing; a failure to act quickly is our quickest path to irrelevance. And I don’t know any organisation who is aiming for irrelevance.

12HIGH’s approach to transforming business strategy

12HIGH actively transforms business strategy. Business strategy is too often passive. It is too rigid. It is too often theoretical. It is too often presumptuous. We believe business strategy is your greatest weapon. It shouldn’t be treated as a chore. But in order for strategy to be effective, we need to change how we approach it.

5 critical elements to ensure a successful digital transformation strategy

A solid digital transformation strategy is the first step to ensuring you have the foundations to refocus your people, resources and efforts in the right direction. So what are the key elements you need to get right in your strategy in order to get your digital transformation off to the best start?

Nathan Bush ranked in Australia’s Top 50 People in eCommerce

I was recently humbled to be announced as one of Australia’s Top 50 People in eCommerce for the fourth year in a row. This year was extra special to come in at number six and alongside some of the most respected, capable and generous retail professionals such as Jane Cay, Angus McDonald, Sven Lindell, Wayne Baskin and Amanda Green. I have learnt lots from all of them.