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COVID 19 Australian eCommerce Impact (So Far) Add To Cart Feature Images

COVID-19: Australian eCommerce Impact (So Far) | #008

Marketing experts, Kate Collinson and Craig Somerville join us to dissect the initial impacts of COVID-19.
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Customer Retention Episode 7

The CX Bucket List | #007

We are joined by CX expert Danny Phillips to help retain your most valuable customers.
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Retail In The Time of Coronavirus

Retail in the time of coronavirus

The sudden world shift has changed the mindset of customers. And we need to respond quickly.
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How Not To Be A Boring Retailer

How NOT to be a boring retailer

We list five points to check if you are at risk of becoming a boring retailer. Time to take control of your own destiny!
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Add To Cart Secondhand Commerce Episode 6

Secondhand Commerce | #006

Yasmin Grigaliunas, CEO & Co-Founder of the World’s Biggest Garage Sals talks secondhand commerce.
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Online Competition Didn't Kill Jeanswest Boring Retail Killed Jeanswest

Online competition didn’t kill Jeanswest. Boring retail did.

Jeanswest wasn’t a victim of tough trading conditions or online competition. They were a victim of boring retail. Here's how.
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The Forgotten Metrics of Retail

The forgotten metrics of retail

The lure of machine learning and artificial intelligence is tempting. But have we solved the basics?
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Add To Cart eCommerce Accounting Episode 5

eCommerce Accounting | #005

We are joined by Jason Andrew, chartered accountant and corporate advisor.
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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas From Innovative Retailers

Last-minute Christmas gift ideas from innovative retailers

Internet connected rosary beads. Cornflakes flavoured beer. Tie dyed Crocs. Need more ideas for Christmas?
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Add To Cart Email Automation Episode 4

Email Automation | #004

Jason Anderson from Andzen shares his tips on where to start with email automation.
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