“Focus groups are like watching a lion in the zoo.
I think it’s better to watch a lion in the wild.”

Add To Cart Podcast
Episode 11


Recorded when Nathan and Matt met up at ‘Retail Live’, (pre Covid 19) the discussion explores the most effective customer research methods (and when not to trust them), what kind of experiences make a real impact and the unique strengths of physical versus digital spaces.  We also get Matt’s thoughts on a controversial ad campaign and his frank opinion of….er… bath bombs.

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Questions answered in this episode include

  • What type of research is most valuable in understanding your customers?
  • Which retailers are giving the best customer experiences?
  • What is the role of physical stores versus digital?


“The most valuable research tool is a comfortable pair of shoes”

Whether that be browsing a mall, watching customers decide at the moment of truth or, one of my favourites, while on public transport, putting my phone away to watch others on theirs.  These experiences give such reliable insights and spark ideas. I firmly believe more retailers need to spend less time at desks and more time connecting with customers and customer service teams.

When the real world opens back up, make walk arounds a recurring appointment in your calendar!

About our guest

Matt Newell from The General Store

Matt Newell is Partner and CEO at retail strategy agency The General Store. He is a passionate retail marketing strategist, sits on the advisory board for the Masters of Marketing program at Swinburne University and is a NORA (National Online Retail’s Association) Talent Network Member, which helps mentor the hottest new talent in online retail. He is also a judge for the AIMIA awards and a regular public speaker for the retail and marketing industries.

You can contact Matt on LinkedIn.

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