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A lesson in activating beliefs. @patagonia CEO, Rose Marcario, pens industry letter to allow all employees time to vote in the upcoming midterms πŸ‘Š

Let Our People Go Vote

”Corporate citizenship” gets a lot of lip service, but too few companies stop to consider what citizenship really means. It‘s not ju...

The "halo effect": opening a physical store increases eCommerce traffic by 37% according to @ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centres). #ecommerce #retail

The Halo Effect: How Bricks Impact Clicks

Explore whether or not physical stores have any impact on retailers' web traffic, consumer perceptions of and behaviors with a brand.

Walmart just patented a shopping trolley that monitors your temperature, pulse, speed and grip. 😱 For enhanced customer service of course. #retail #innovation

Walmart Patent Wants To Monitor Your Health & Stress Levels While You Shop

Walmart wants to use biometric shopping handles to monitor customers' heart rates, temperatures, and stress levels.

Adding to the pile of "why didn't we think of this"? Myro deodorant uses natural ingredients, reusable casing and is subscription based.

Pinduoduo is the unique eCommerce model you may have never heard of. It is now the second biggest eCommerce app in China (behind Taobao). Through a social selling model, customers visit 50 times per week but have an average $6 baskets.

Pinduoduo: a Close Look at the Fastest Growing E-commerce App in China - WalktheChat

Chinese “dama” (literally, big mamas) are budget-savvy shoppers most eager to snap up a good deal. They do most of the shopping for the fa...

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