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Episode 9


Ata Gokyildirim, from leading fraud prevention technology company Forter, shares his unique approach to tackling the multi-billion dollar problem that is fraud in retail.  He discusses the customer journey and how it can be exploited, how fraud prevention software works and the best way to avoid leaving money on the table in false positives. A straight talker, Ata’s tips for staying one step ahead of the fraudsters are rooted in a real-world understanding of retail.

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Questions answered in this episode include

  • What are the most common methods of fraud that you see?
  • What are the biggest mistakes by retailers when it comes to fraud?
  • How do you manage the risk of fraud vs reward of incremental revenue?
  • What are some of the most basic measures retailers can put in place to limit fraud exposure?


Take the Fraud Defensive Test
Pull up your last three months of chargebacks and work out what percentage of sales they account for.  If you have none, or the percentage is very low, ask your self whether you’re being too defensive.

Are you denying legitimate customers at the most critical point?

About your co-host

Ata Gokyildirim from Forter

Ata  is the General Manager of Australia and New Zealand at Forter. He started his career in banking and finance before joining his family’s apparel business which he grew and sold to Macquarie Banks Private Equity arm. With strong credentials in financial markets, Ata took over a small Australian BioTech company, Prima Biomed, and embarked on a 50 million dollar funding round within the span of 18 months. He graduated with honours from the University of New South Wales.

You can contact Ata on LinkedIn.

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