12HIGH’s $5K Digital Audit

Need an independent and experienced leader to get your digital strategy moving quickly? Let’s keep this simple. We’ll deliver a digital audit and an action plan for you for $5k.


Internal Exploration

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Understanding of business goals, capabilities and operations
Aggregation and review of existing research and insights
1:1 empathy interviews with key stakeholders  

External Exploration

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Online market and trend analysis
Online competitor analysis
Customer sentiment and feedback analysis

Situation Summary

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Online channels analysis  inc web, marketing, search and social channels
Digital technology review inc web, analytics and UX
Identification and rating of key performance benchmarks

Action Plan

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⇢ Opportunity and gap summary of current investment, technology and capabilities
⇢ Prioritisation and recommendation of top five opportunities
⇢ High level next 90 day plan  

Benefits of 12HIGH’s Digital Audit

External, independent and experienced insights from one of Australia’s digital leaders
Fastest path to immediately actionable recommendations
Low internal resource and financial commitments
⭑ Personalised insights for your business and industry
Build on or revise existing digital  strategy (not a rebuild)
Board and senior management  ready view of digital gaps and opportunities

Let’s get started!