12HIGH Clients

12HIGH activates your eCommerce strategy to boost revenue and optimise profit.

12HIGH has worked with clients industries including retail, government, finance, not for profit, travel and technology. We work directly with clients as well as partnering with creative, media and consulting agencies.

Client Feedback

“12HIGH added a high level of industry and technical knowledge throughout the project.”
Global ad agency

“Superior expertise.”
Education client

“We have come up with a range of short and long-term goals and look forward to the progress.”
Travel client

“We’ve got a good handle on what is required in the short term and feel that the team are already taking action on what is possible now.”
Not for profit client

“The workshop shows the opportunity and the start of what we’ll need to do to compete which is great!”
eCommerce Startup

“Makes us look like we know what we’re doing!”
Retail client

12HIGH delivers a Digital Audit for Water3