12HIGH were engaged by Stone & Wood Brewing Co to audit and develop a strategy for their eCommerce business.

Stone & Wood is Australia’s leading independent brewer based out of Byron Bay. If you haven’t tried their famous Pacific Ale, get onto it. 

“We were asking ourselves what does the future look like for our business. We’ve had an online presence for a few years now with our online store but it was a fairly small presence. It certainly wasn’t fully optimised. This channel is evolving so quickly so we wanted to position ourselves for the future but also optimise what is going on today,” said Ben Summons, Managing Director of Stone & Wood Brewing Co. 

Ben Summons, Managing Director of Stone & Wood Brewing Co shares his experience with the 12HIGH eCommerce Audit & Strategy.

12HIGH worked with Stone & Wood’s founders, management team, marketing, sales, customer service and warehousing teams to deliver the eCommerce audit. This was a full business audit covering eCommerce benchmarking, customer profiling, internal capabilities, competitor mapping, trend identification, marketing analysis, user experience, engagement and conversion funnels.

“The main benefit of having an eCommerce audit is getting everyone on the same page. Understanding how it works today, understanding the potential issues and opportunities and understanding how to build a plan for your business moving forward.” Ben Summons. 

Stone & Wood Homepage

These findings were distilled into a succinct opportunity identification and proposed roadmap. After a team workshop,  eCommerce goals and priorities were confirmed. The result was a clear strategic roadmap and a 90 day action plan for us to collectively activate. 

“When we brought 12HIGH onboard we knew we were buying eCommerce expertise. It created the value in the plans we have created. They are engaged, efficient and effective. ” Ben Summons.

Since the audit and strategy, 12HIGH continue to work with Stone & Wood to activate large projects and capitalise on immediate wins. For 12HIGH, it is an ideal partnership; one of Australia’s most loved brands who have ambitious plans and are looking to move at pace.  And yes, if you are asking, the perks of a partner like Stone & Wood are pretty good too.

Cheers! 🍺

12HIGH partnered with Water 3 to perform a digital audit. This resulted in a clear strategy and a new approach to digital marketing technology selection.

Water3 makes quality water easily accessible without the need for disposable plastic bottles. They have distributed hundreds of water dispensing machines all over Australia. From these machines, customers simply tap their RFID connected lids and fill up. All for a fraction of the price of bottled water. Even better, it comes in still and sparkled… and doesn’t kill any turtles!

Water 3 Dispensing Machine

Water3 engaged 12HIGH to perform a digital and eCommerce audit. The team had done an incredible job to establish the product in market. It was now time to set up to scale.

“With 12HIGH, it was kind of like, “Hey, come and see what we’re doing, help us understand what we’re missing. Because we don’t know where we’re at.” Damien Stone, Water3 Co-founder.

12HIGH worked with Water3 to deliver a customer journey review, competitor analysis, on site behaviour audit, technology stack review, marketing and sales analysis and an internal capabilities and process review.

“We’ve integrated a couple of third-party apps and software that we probably were going to try and do ourselves. It enabled us to have some candid conversations about the direction of our technology with an independent team there that’s not trying to sell a piece of software.” Damien Stone, Water3 Co-founder.

After a series of 1:1 interviews and a workshop, 12HIGH were able to deliver Water3 with:

  • A concise summary of strengths and opportunities
  • Prioritised digital and eCommerce focus areas to grow the business
  • Identified quick wins for the Water3 team to immediately action
  • A three month plan to kick start their transformation

A great team. An innovative product. A mission to save the world. 12HIGH are incredibly proud to have worked with Water3 to help them change the way we consume water.

“There’s a real range of businesses that could benefit from 12HIGH. Especially if you don’t have a solid digital strategy or if you’re not integrating technology into your processes. Every business could benefit from that.” Damien Stone, Water3 Co-founder.