“They’re coming in to get an item and try it on and have a chat, which really opens the door to a great customer experience

Add To Cart Podcast
Episode 17


In this episode of Add To Cart, we are joined by Lee Hardham, Co-founder of Brauz, to talk about Reserve Online Pick Up In Store, a relative newcomer alongside Click & Collect, allowing customers to check product availability in physical local stores. We discuss the technology and metrics of this strategy as well as the opportunities for customer engagement it provides that brands such as Forever New are making the most of.

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Questions answered in this episode include

  • What’s the key difference between Reserve in Store and Click and Collect customers?
  • How do retailers measure success with Reserve in Store?
  • What can we expect from Reserve in Store and Click and Collect in the future?


Retailers have been upping their Click & Collect game in response to Covid restrictions. In the future, as these restrictions ease, Reserve Online, Pick Up In Store is one way to encourage customers slowly back to a face to face shopping experience.

If this is something that interests you, have a think about what unique customer experience you could offer those reserve in store visitors.

About your co-host Lee Hardham from Brauz

CEO and Co-founder of Brauz, Lee Hardham has been determined to leverage technology to help retailers drive digital traffic in-store for over seven years. Having innovated using a vast range of technologies to personalise the consumer shopping journey from clicks to bricks, Lee, along with the team at Brauz, have been able to provide retailers around the world, a tool that converts ‘web browsers’ into buying customers in-store. 

Delivering Reserve In-Store, an Australian first technology in 2019 to retailers like Forever New and Nike Stores, Brauz have generated over a million dollars in in-store sales by helping consumers reserve products online, booking a time to try products in-store before they buy.

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