Test & Learn Approach

We believe that the best strategies are active, not passive. Our test and learn methodology is how we bring strategy to life at pace. We would rather get started than document potential pathways. Using the 12HIGH OODA Loop methodology, we take quick actions to isolate your biggest opportunities, rapidly develop prototypes and directly test them with your customers.

“If we don’t test, we won’t learn and we’ll never get better, and who wants that?”


Focused hypotheses

Brainstorming imageWe narrow in on the biggest opportunities and only focus on purposeful innovation through observation and orientation activities. By analysing your business vision and goals, customer experience, competitive pressures, external influences and outstanding opportunities we can develop a concise situation analysis and opportunity map. We then incorporate empathy understanding and creative brainstorming to develop a range of hypotheses (not solutions) to move into prototyping.

Rapid prototyping

Prototyping imageUsing design thinking, lean methodologies and agile practices, we rapidly move from hypothesis to a customer tested prototype. This typically happens within three months but can take merely weeks with the right problem and team engagement. Your prototype will be fit for purpose and can be anything from a pretotype to a storyboard to a proof of concept to a minimal viable product. By working with partners and startups we can ensure a tangible, customer validated insight within a defined period of time. 

Customer validation

Customer testing imageBy including real customers in the process, we ensure real value in our solutions. This feedback can be solicited in a number of ways including in person, via email survey, online questionnaire or variant testing. We aim to get enough feedback for reliable insight but rapid advancement. At the end of our customer validation, we decide whether to scale, kill or pivot the activity.  

Internal capability

Teaching imageOne of 12HIGH’s principles is that “we can all innovate”. We want to change your culture by ensuring that our engagement develops your teams capability. Our impact will outlast our engagement. The majority of this development occurs through co-work but can extend to more dedicated activities such as test and learn methodology training sessions, start up and partner connections and team event facilitation such as shark tanks and hackathons.


Benefits of 12HIGH’s test and learn approach
  • Our focus is on action by ensuring we have delivered a tangible, customer tested solution within a set timeframe. We spend time creating, not writing business cases. Speed is our game.
  • We believe in focused innovation which aligns to strategy and key opportunities rather than a scattergun approach. Your test and learn activity will deliver real business value rather than shiny distractions.
  • We co-create with your team and empower them by developing their capabilities. This will have an impact long after we leave. We aim to change your culture by making the test and learn approach the preferred way to work rather than the exception.
  • Our approach has the potential to save your organisation thousands, if not millions, of dollars by pivoting or killing ideas before significant investment. Conversely, this approach provides the opportunity to try new ideas and partnerships which were previously resource prohibitive.
  • While the test and learn approach is underpinned by the OODA methodology, the activities within it are adaptable based on organisational maturity, problem size and resources available. We can cater to any organisation or problem.
  • Filtering and connection with the best fit for purpose partners and start ups. We will ensure you only spend your time with others who can help fulfil your strategy and can move with agility


When to engage 12HIGH
  • Establishing internal innovation capabilities
  • Partnering with startups or new technologies
  • Development of new business cases
  • Project commencement and pre-scale validation
  • Commencement of strategic planning cycles
  • Development of internal innovation capabilities
  • Innovative approach when pitching for new business
  • Team building events and activities

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