12HIGH activates your eCommerce and retail strategy to grow revenue and optimise profit.

Our experienced team at 12HIGH help retailers execute the right strategies to stay relevant in a fast moving world. We don’t believe in five year roadmaps and 600 page powerpoint documents. We work with you understand goals, plan your next moves and help you execute. We move fast and adapt often. 

12HIGH has the retail experience and partner network to work with you across technology, marketing and operations.  We are not precious about who does what – as long as there is clarity in direction and a clear path to action.

“We’ve got a good handle on what is required in the short term and feel that the team are already taking action on what is possible now.”

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What makes 12HIGH different?

Real Experience

Not just consultants. We have cut our teeth within retail organisations. From managing large $100m+ eCommerce teams to driving growth from shoestring budgets. We get the reality of retail. We have the scars.

100% Independent

Our focus is the right solutions for your business. We have solution partnerships but are not locked into any specific solution. We will always give options.

Action Orientated

We believe in progress over slide decks. We want real change. This often means starting small and getting ideas in front of customers as soon as possible. Retail is too fast not to. 

Why 12HIGH?

It’s a question we get asked a lot!

In 1903, it was recorded that the first flight took place. It didn’t cross an ocean or include champagne service. It only lasted 12 seconds. It was a machine that had been tinkered and improved off the back of numerous failed attempts and prototypes. However, these twelve seconds were enough to deem that the notion of flight was possible. Twelve seconds to transform everything about how mankind would go on to live, work and play. 

We aim to give your business their twelve second moments.

Wright brothers first flight

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