I listen to a lot of podcasts. In the car. On the train. While exercising. It keeps me up to date. Along the way, I’ve discovered some amazing digital podcasts with an Australian flavour. These podcasts range from strategy to marketing to business to technology to entrepreneurship. Some aren’t pure digital podcasts but are driven by digital themes.

Recently, a few people have recently asked for my best podcast recommendations. So here they are, my ten favourite Australian digital podcasts…

Download This Show

Download This Show podcast

Probably the most professionally produced show on this list, this ABC production is a weekly discussion around social media, technology, gadgets and politics. Hosted by (formerly that.movie.guy) Marc Fennell, he is joined by journalists and commentators from leading publications such as TechCrunch and Gizmodo. The best way to keep up with digital changes impacting the average person in an entertaining and often random way.
Released: Weekly
Length: 30 minutes
Episode Pick: ‘My Health Record explained (hopefully)’

Executive Stories

Executive Stories podcast

Corporate lawyer, Brad Vinning, opens up his contact book and records in-depth interviews with executive leaders across industry. Most guests are Brisbane based and range from start up founders to well established executives. It’s not a pure digital podcast but often dwells on digital subjects. It covers everything across business and life to understand how the best leaders operate. Very insightful.
Released: Fortnightly (sporadically)
Length: 45 minutes
Episode Pick: ‘Remy Brasaac on growing your business, making the tough calls and choosing your business partners’

Foundr Magazine Podcast

Foundr Magazine Podcast

A simple podcast which interviews successful entrepreneurs. It is now over 200 episodes deep and has had interviews with Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk. If you like these kind of entrepreneurs, you’ll like this podcast. If not, steer clear. Host Nathan Chan is friendly and genuinely inquisitive which encourages guests to open up and give more away than they normally would.
Released: Weekly
Length: 30-60 minutes
Episode Pick: ‘BigCommerce Co-Founder Talks Scaling to $100m While Minimizing Risk and Stress’

The Fractal Marketing Podcast

Fractal Marketing Podcast

Fractal are a Brisbane based marketing agency focused on servicing start ups. In this podcast, Fractal founder Gerard Doyle, dives deep into marketing concepts and detail to help start ups make progress. Gerard is extremely generous with his knowledge and often gives step by step guides or lists specific tools to make sure your digital marketing is effective. Great for new businesses and those looking for marketing detail.
Released: Weekly
Length: 30 minutes
Episode Pick: ‘SEO for Startups Part 1’


Moonshot podcast

A podcast dedicated to exploring future inventions and technology – often from a moral perspective as much as a technical perspective. Hosts Kristofer Lawson and Andrew Moon bring great guests and well researched topics to have insightful discussions which will leave you thinking and often, dreaming. From robots to space to biomedicine – the future is discussed here.
Released: Fortnightly (sporadically)
Length: 30 minutes
Episode Pick: ‘Designing a Driverless City’

Morgans Financial Limited

Morgans Financial Podcast

A daily podcast from the stockbroking and analyst team at Morgans. It gets really interesting for the digital crew when Chris Titley takes the reigns for his ’40 under 40′ and ‘Startup Series’. Chris explores the stories behind some of the most exciting startups that are on the brink of scale. A recent highlight was Chris’ mile high entrepreneur podcasts aboard Myriad Air from LA to Brisbane.
Released: Fortnightly
Length: 30 minutes
Episode Pick: ‘Jimmy Rees, Presenter Giggle and Hoot’

The Next Billion Seconds

The Next Billion Seconds Podcast

Inventor, writer, entrepreneur, educator and broadcaster, Mark Pesce, explores what the next billion seconds (just over 30 years) holds for humanity. Armed with some highly credentialed special guests (who are often creating the future), Mark deep dives on emerging technologies in a way which gives you tangible information while making you think. Onto his third season, this season is devoted to exploring Cryptonomics.
Released: Fortnightly (sporadically)
Length: 30-60 minutes
Episode Pick: ‘We Shouldn’t Have Made The Internet Free’

QUT Chair in the Economy

Chair in the Digital Economy podcast

A future focused podcast (and extension of the very insightful events), this podcast mixes research with industry to explore new technology and thinking focused on the Australian digital landscape. Hosted by Professor Michael Rosemann and Monica Bradley, I can guarantee that you will get one or two concepts per podcast which will make you think about some of the decisions you are making for the future.
Released: Bi-monthly (sporadically)
Length: 15 minutes
Episode Pick: ‘Digital Strategy of the Future’

The Simon Dell Show

The Simon Dell Show Podcast


A somewhat crazy and quite a lot sweary look at some of the biggest issues in marketing and business. Podcasts are hosted by Simon Dell and split into two halves. The first half is an out of control free for all (and very humorous) conversation with QUT’s Dr Edwina Luck and Channel Seven’s Patrick Condren. The second half is an in-depth interview with business leaders and range from Glenn Cooper (Chairman of Cooper’s Brewery) to Mike Goldman (former Big Brother host) to unknowns such as Nathan Bush.
Released: Weekly (roughtly)
Length: 60-90 minutes
Episode Pick: E7: ‘Justin Dry, joint CEO Vinmofo + the sausage debate, bears + chickens + more exaggersplaining’


Sweathead Podcast

Aussie now living and working in New York, Mark Pollard, interviews leading digital and marketing strategists from all over the world. The conversations dive into the concepts of strategy as well as the business of strategy. Just listening to Mark’s questioning style is a great insight into how Mark gets to real truths to crack the hardest briefs. It’s a great accompanyment to the Sweathead Facebook group (if you are lucky enought to be in it).
Released: Bi-weekly (sporadically)
Length: 45 minutes
Episode Pick: ‘Spend Your Privelege – Sarah Moran’

That’s 10! What have I missed? Help expand this list for others by leaving your favourite Australian digital podcasts in the comments below.